Experienced, up-to-date, and USCCA certified instruction in permit-to-carry classes.

Comprehensive Training

Our training emphasizes situational awareness, conflict avoidance, de-escalation, home preparedness, and closely studying the rules and laws surrounding responsible firearm ownership and carrying.

Experienced Instruction

Kevin Norton is certified by the USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) and the NRA (National Rifle Association). He also serves with the St. Louis County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy (since 1992) and is its Executive Director.

USCCA Certified

The United States Concealed Carry Association’s mission is to help responsible Americans keep their families safe through life-saving education, industry-leading training, and self-defense liability insurance.


Classes for all skill-levels

Whether you’re just learning about the responsibility of carrying a firearm or are an experienced owner, NortonShield classes will help you grow in your comfort and responsibility.


Personal Instruction & Guidance

Kevin Norton has years of group teaching and personal mentoring experience, creating an attentive and supportive environment in which to to learn.


Onsite Training & Testing

NortonShield is proud to offer an indoor firing range, providing a safe place for individuals to show their firearm competency as they prepare to apply for a Minnesota permit to carry. 

Helping you to build a self-defense plan which will keep you physically, legally, financially and morally safe.

Drawing a firearm in a defensive event is a very serious event. Norton Shield ROC is dedicated to training clients to exercise proper restraint prior to an event and proper judgement during a crisis. Our primary emphasis is on avoiding having to use your firearm in the first place. We accomplish that goal by stressing situational awareness, conflict avoidance, de-escalation, and home preparedness. 

Because so much is riding on your training, Norton Shield is driven to provide the most comprehensive training available. With that goal in mind we’ve earned the United States Concealed Carry Association ‘s (USCCA) & National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Certified Instructor rating. It is our belief that these Organizations offer the best training and support to be found.

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Est. 2013

Norton Shield (previously Responsible Ownership & Carry) has been training individuals in northern Minnesota on how to safely own and carry a firearm for nearly 10 years. Learn more about what drives us to want to help you feel confident in protecting your loved ones.