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What are Minnesota's permit-to-carry laws?

As a potential firearm-owner, it’s your responsibility to be familiar with the laws and statutes that dictate legal and responsible action in the state of Minnesota. To read more on these laws, please visit the Department of Safety’s website.

Who may take the class?

Anyone can take the class. But only a person 21 years old or older can apply for a permit to carry upon completion of the class. Upon completion of the class, one will receive a certificate of completion which expires one year after being issued. 

Do I need to own a gun to attend a class?

The simple answer is no. However, if you own a handgun it is best to bring the one you intend to carry. If you do bring your own firearm, bring enough ammo for two loads (revolver), or no more than 8 rounds in two magazines (semiauto). DO NOT bring a firearm preloaded. If you do not have your own handgun, one with ammo will be available (anticipate rental fees).

How far will I need to shoot for my permit-to-carry certification?

10 to 15 feet at two different size targets.

Can I fail the class?

It is rare, but yes. If one is careless with a firearm and/or does not listen to the firearms/range instructor. One can fail the class and be asked to leave with no refund.